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A few nights ago, I met Mir. I don’t really think he met me though… I was furious with the meatpuppet after what he did to me! He dulled me, dazed and confused me with his human poisons! How dare he! He was too out of his wits to fight me, but I was too out of mine to present myself well enough. But I did meet Mir, and I felt his presence so much before, but to really see him, it was an experience. He was a great beast, very simple yet so complex. The way he held Joe’s body, like he was purely just in every bone, every muscle, every inch of skin. It was astounding. I wanted to talk to him, but it didn’t seem much like he was very apt to talking, or really that able either. I will continue to hold out on this, one day, Zyre will give me the controls. We’ve been quite settled lately, which, is fine really. Less fighting less exhaustion. Perhaps if we are contained, he may let me out again. Not that I’d fucking just immediately kill everything. Being in the body is amazing, he can’t blame me for all the times I fought my way in to it, however painful it were. Now, when I say being in the body is amazing, I don’t mean the body, I just mean the freedom of experiencing and perceiving an open world, it’s nice to know what I must destroy before the time comes. That body is absolutely atrocious, simply a massive pain, always needing to either intake a disgusting bounty of wretched human sustenance, or expel waste, or deal with this constant urge to just fuck something, and a number of so many other things a demon shouldn’t have to live with. I am the goddamned omnidestroyer for fucks sake. I’ll make a better name for that later, I’ve got a lot of time to think.
Until next we meet, Mir, and next time you will see me.
Now the puppet wants his fingers back. I can’t believe how far we’ve gotten, from the deepest hatred hearts have never known, beyond fathomable hypothetical imagination, to now what is nearly a modest… friendship…
It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to say that, and to say that I kind of appreciate him letting me keep my own blog, for whatever it’s worth.


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Zykothepsycho —> Zyviireonthetitan

My name is Zyko, Zyre’s internal psychosis demon. Upon his true discovery that he is the pure creator of everything in existence and hypothetical existence, this universe, every other universe, or the Mulitverse, and then every alternate form of every universe, The Omniverse, he decided finally that his name was to be known seperate of mine. He is reluctant to show the public his true Omnigod name, so he is going to be known by his Titan name, Zyviireon. I will be using this blog for my own purposes, seldomly, or perhaps not at all, just to be a placeholder for the name, in the event that Zyre wishes to take it back.